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Maruti Suzuki - New Alto 800.

The Maruti Suzuki who ios the champion of the Indian roads for the last 12 years with its popular 800 cc small car, had decided to beat the other contenders in style with its "New Alto 800" which is going to be unveiled in India this month. Already they had sold million of its Maruti 800 and Maruti Suzuki Alto in the last twelve years period and wanted to give a small boost with its New Alto 800 to the other small car makers like Nano and others.

The New Alto 800 comes with an engine of 796cc 0.8-litre F8D petrol engine that can generates 47.5bhp at 6000rpm.

It can be very fuel efficient by going 17 Km/l in the city and can reach 22.74 Km/l on the highways. The new Alto comes with extra headroom, legroom and wheelbase when compared to the old models.

The Maruti Suzuki has made plans to export this model to North American market in the coming year and to popularize this compact car all over the world. The expected price of the New Alto 800 in India is around US$ 5,600 and it is expected to be unveiled by October 16th.

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