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Mazda MX-5 achieves sports car production record

Mazda MX-5 00 Roadsters reached its 900,000 unit production mark and it is now counted as another world record in the car production history. Out of this 900,000 2 seated sports car 419,963 units were sold in the North America only and European countries did bought 274,081 units in these 21 years of its production.

The first Mazda MX-5 was produced in the year 1989 and the production is continuing successfully in this year too. Now the third generation of its model is in the market with new features and parts. The current model comes with 5 speed Manual transmission or 6 Manual transmission. There is Automatic transmission model too is available. The US models range from $23,110 to $26,710 depending your model selection.

Mazda6 for the year 2013

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Image source: Mazda USA Media