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Audi Luxury cars are produced by the German company Audi Ag, which has itsheadquarters in the city of Bavaria. The company is producing luxury cars fromthe year 1964 under the Volkswagen Group.

The Audi was first founded in 1909in the city of Zwickau in Germany under the name of Audi. In 1921 theyproduced the first German left hand drive car.

Audi Car

It was in 1924 they became popular with their 6 cylinder engine car. After thewar the company produced two stroke engine cars under the name of DKW and thenin 1964 Volkswagen group bought the planet and the brand name Audi. TheVolkswagen group started to produce and sales car under the name of Audi andthen in the coming years it named the cars as Audi 60 Audi 70 etc.

From 1970 onwards it became a popular model car and they produced 4, 5 and 6cylinder engines for their saloon, sedan, coupe and Cabriolet body styleautomobiles. The cars were very popular for their style, elegance, endurance,power and handling. Audi got its own class name in the rallying and racingfield.

They produced special models for touring car series and then to sports carseries. And in the USA it is very popular for its luxury model cars.

Audi Car