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Buick stands as a symbol of the American motor industry. In the early years itwas a private company and now it is one division of the American motor giantGM

It was started as Auto-Vim and Power Company in the year 1899. Later it waschanged hand and the new owner was David Dunbar Buick in the year 1903. But inthe next year it changed hand again and moved to Flint, Michigan, U.S.A. Andtheir first car was model B. Later after its production and sales success, theowners made GM and the Buick became part of it.

Buick models are sold all over the world. Specially their sales in Asia seemsto be a great success where in China it is doing a unbeatable production andsales. As per records nearly 2 million of them were sold in China according tothe 2009 report.


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