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Citroen is one of the finest car makers in the world and are very popular inthe USA market. Citroen factory in France started to roll out its massproduced cars in the year 1919 and in 7 years time Citroen is going tocelebrate its 100th year anniversary. Due to oil crisis, financial problemsthis car company had many up and down trends in its production life where itprovided innovation and revolutionary engineering to the car world.

Citroen's popular 2CV car became a hit in the economy car sector where it wasproduced 8,756,600 in total number until 1990.

Citroen even bought the Italian sports car maker Maserati and produced itbefore it went to financial problems. Peugeot is now the main controller ofthe Citroen car company and their production lines are running in many parts of the world. Citroen is doing well in the Trucks, buses, Hybrid, biofuels andelectric vehicle sector too.

Their recent popular models are as follows.

  • AX
  • BX
  • C15
  • Evasion
  • Citroen Fukang 988
  • Saxo
  • XM
  • Xantia
  • ZX
  • Synergie
  • Xsara
  • Xsara Picasso
  • C5
  • C3 (2002—2009)
  • C2

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