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Ferrari is one of the most popular and success Formula One racing car in the world. It produces fastest cars for the streets too. The Ferrari Company was originally started as "Scuderia Ferrari" in the year 1928 by Mr. Enzo Ferrari in Italy. It is very popular in the F1 racing tracks all over the world.

In the year 1940 introduced the first race model with the name Tipo 815.

The year 1943 was important in the path of Ferrari when they moved to theirnew location Maranello in Italy and remains there up to now. From there theymade their first road car in 1947.

From 1949 onwards the Ferrari's cars are on the streak of winning the motorracing events. Ferrari cars are made for speed and they are loved by all overthe world for their speed. Their price value never drops backward. Alwaystheir prices are kept good, so this is another reason people liked to own it.Their makes usually contain Sports cars, 2-seat Gran Turismo, mid-engineV6/V8, 2+2 Mid-engine, front-engine, 12 cylinder mid engines and supercars.

Their Gran Turismo and Supercars are very powerful and owned by rich peoplewho like speed cars.

The Ferrari FXX and Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano are very popular and their salesare too good. There are many Ferrari owners clubs all over the world.

Ferrari 599 GTO. (Click here)

Ferrari goes strong with F12.Official Site: FerrariFan's Blogs Ferrari - Blogs FanFerrari

** Ferrari F10. The 2010 Model. **

Ferrari has launched its F10 model for this year's Formula One season. Theseason will begin with the Bahrain GP on March 14th 2010.

** FerrariFerrari 458 Spider. 2011 Model. **

Ferrari 458 Spider will be unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in Germanyaround 15th of September 2011. The Ferrari 458 Spider is fitted with a4.5-liter V8 engine that can produce 570 horsepower. Transmission is sentthrough seven-speed dual-clutch in this fast car where it can achieve a topspeed of 202 mph and can speed up 60mph form the start point within 3.4Seconds. Ferrari 458 Spider is still not priced marked although the businessclass people say it can fetch around $300,000 at the show room.