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Ford Motor Company is one of the top companies in the USA. It was founded byHenry Ford in the year 1903. Its production cars are not only popular in theUSA but all over the world too. They have many plants all over the world toassemble their branded cars and vehicles. The Ford Company produces vehiclesfor each kind of transport sector which includes trucks, buses, tractors otherthan the NASCAR, Formula One, and Rally, Sports cars, Touring cars and manyothers.

Ford Car

Currently the company is heavily investing in the Hybrid electric vehicles.Previously the Ford produced more than 150 models of cars for theInternational market. And their top car models for the year 2010 are asfollows.

Ford Car - 2010 Ford E-Series Wagon - 2010 Ford Edge - 2010 Ford Escape - 2010 Ford Escape Hybrid - 2010 Ford Expedition - 2010 Ford Explorer 4X2 - 2010 Ford Explorer 4X4 - 2010 Ford Explorer AWD - 2010 Ford Explorer Sport Trac - 2010 Ford Flex - 2010 Ford Focus - 2010 Ford Fusion - 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid - 2010 Ford Mustang - 2010 Ford Shelby GT500 - 2010 Ford Taurus - 2010 Ford Transit Connect WagonFord CarFord Car

In many part of the world people are keeping their old Ford vehicles as theyare still going well and their designs still make people to stop by and admirethem. Specially Ford Capri is best of the collectors item all over the worldother than the USA.

Ford CarFord CarFord Car

Ford Motor Company is happy to announce their earning of $2.7 billion in theyear 2009, the first annual profit in the last four years. Also the Fordexpects to have good profit in the year 2010.

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