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Hyundai Motors.

Hyundai motor company based in Seoul, South Korea remains as one of the topauto makers in the world. They produce passenger cars, SUV's, CV's electriccars and many other automobiles through out their main company and world wideassembling companies. Its first car rolled out in the year 1968.

Later its popular model Pony made the company to be a great one when it wasintroduced in the Canadian auto market in the year 1984. From then onwards itsmarket lead started to lead in many countries competing with other top brands.

Their plant in Ulsan is one of the best plants in the world where they canproduce 14,000 cars per month from there. The company didn't slow down instarting join ventures and assembly plants all over the world quickly. And nowthey have many assembly plants in all the major countries. This company ranks4th place in the world wide standards and products of automobiles.

Some of their top models.

Hyundai i40Lavita/MatrixPonyElantraSonata/i45StellarVeloster

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