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Jaguar cars that are special in production of sports cars and luxury saloonshave its headquarters in Coventry, England. The company was started in theyear 1922 by Sir William Lyons. Afterward it has changed to many hands. Evenit was acquired by U.S Ford motors in the year 1989. Now the Jaguar is ownedby the Tata Motors of India.

The Jaguar was produced as Large Executive, Compact Executive and Sports car.Jaguar is famous for its XJ models saloons. And for the sports modelscurrently the XKR models rank as the best.

The XK Grand tourer model is good priced around US$125,000 and is selling as abest model in most part of the world. Today’s Jaguar sporting saloonsare available in standard wheelbase or long wheelbase along with diesel orpetrol engines.

Jaguar Car

The assembling plants are located at Birmingham and Liverpool in UK.