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From the day, the first car start to run on the street, engineers anddevelopers were hard working to give the best model for the people. In thepast the cars were given priory for just transportation and the developmentevolved in many aspects such as speed, safety, efficiency, navigation and nowit stands on eco models.

There are many car makers came in to the industry and staying high. Some ofthe car makers went bankrupt while others changed their names or bought byother car companies. Countries like USA, Germany, Italy, Japan, and SouthKorea are leading auto making countries. And now the companies are making carsfor many purposes like passenger, four wheel drives, sports cars and many moremodels. The models before were on petrol and diesel, now the developers areworking on solar powered and electric powered cars. Surprisingly the antiquecars are holding the same price of the modern cars. All kind of media aregiving first preference for the information to reach the public on the currentand latest models. Currently many news papers and dedicated car magazines, carweb sites are publishing information for the buyers and users.

As any other industry the Auto industry too has its own up and downs in theseyears. Also the industry depends on peace between countries and heavilydepends on petroleum products too. In the year 2011 a massive earthquake andTsunami stuck the Japanese cities and this made many Japanese auto makers toslump in business. Not only in the main production line but also on the worldwide automobile spare parts supply system that was keeping their popular automobile brands on the streets. The main cause for the spare parts shortage wasnot only the factory damges but also these auto spare part makers lack inproper electric power supply to their factories.

Mean while small and micro passenger car producers like Indian Tata Nano arethriving in the sales not only in India but also all over the world as moreand more people are looking for fuel economy models at low price that issuitable for the middle class families.

On the other hand car makers like Benz are too performing good sales on theirsports and luxury models all over the world. These auto mobiles are usinglatest technology for the control and maintenance of the whole car through thecomputerized system. These cars even can contacted and controlled throughsatellite communication.

There are many car shows and auto shows that are taking place all over theworld every year. Here visitors can have the first hand look of the new modelsand concepts cars. The shows are always participated by the top auto makers topromote their sales.

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