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Subaru Automobile is one of the Japan's largest companies which producesdifferent kinds of vehicles and passenger cars for the world market. In the year2012 it was ranked in 22nd position in the worldwide biggest automaker list. Itsparent company is Fuji Heavy Industries.

They are very popular for their boxer engine layout, all wheel drive andturbocharged passenger cars all over the world. Their production line includespetrol and diesel vehicles. Mean while they have electric cars production insmall scale.

Subaru automakers are currently located in Ebisu, Tokyo, Japan. They have plentyof assembling sectors in many parts of the world.

Their first car rolled out of the factory in the year 1954 and it is continuinglarge scale now.

In the yearly years they did participated in the car rallies, but around theypulled out from the circuits although Subaru of America as the officialdistributor of Subaru vehicles in the United States used to participates in theSubaru Road Racing Team (SRRT)

Here is the Subaru's latest release. 2016 WRX Sport Sedan.