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Tesla's New Idea. Battery Swap.

8:38 PM 09/19/2017

Tesla's New Idea. Battery Swap.

Tesla had been awarded with a battery swap techno machine idea. With this Tesla car owners don't need to wait and recharge their batteries any more. Just go to the station take out the less charged battery and fit it with a newly charged battery and can continue their journey.

As per the idea the technicians will be available at the centers with the newly designed machine to serve the car owner with a fully charged battery in quick time. As per the available reports that the battery swap system will reduce the normal battery charging time by half.

So if every thing goes perfect with this idea the Tesla owners will be happy to see it real time. But as per the reports that the battery swap may be first may go with the Model S and Model X and the other models like model 3 is too can benefit from this kind of service.

Source: carworldnews

Tesla Electric Cars.

Tesla Motors, Inc is one of the proud American motor company which is producing all electric vehicles. It was founded in the year year 2013 and later with agressive founding and tireless work of Mr.Elon Musk's involvement it came from the verge of bankruptcy to making profit. This is the first electric car company to repay the American Government's low-interest loans.

Currently it got 12,500 employees in its company.It has sold more than 17,000 vehiles worldwide in the 4th Quarter of the year 2015.

Where Model S is their popular selling electric car.

About the Tesla Company.

CEO: Elon R. Musk
Headquarters: Palo Alto, CA
Founder(s): Elon Musk, Martin Eberhard, JB Straubel
Founded: 2003
Employees: 12,000

Teslas popular models are,

  • Tesla Roadster
  • Model S
  • Model X
  • Model 3 (To be unveiled in March 2016)

Official Website:

Chicago Auto Show
Chicago Auto Show
Tesla Model S
Tesla Model S