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On this first Autumn day of 2016, here is another awesome news for the automobile fans, the photos and information are exposed for Bugati Chiron.

French car manufacturer, Automobiles Ettore Bugatti is known for high-performance automobiles, since its foundation in 1909, which is sold to Volkswagen Group in July 1998.

News of the day is the supercar Bugati Chiron 2016 edition is showcased on the Geneva Motor show. This beautiful machine is limited by it speed to 420 kilometer hour electronically, and its can hit 125 Kmph in 6 seconds.

This car is named to honor Louis Alexandre Chiron, former Grand Prix driver. He is the oldest driver ever to have raced in Formula One, having taken 6th place in the Monaco Grand Prix 1955.

Check out the live broadcasting from Geneva Motor show 2016 here [Broadcasting live from the Geneva Motor show 2016] some photos of this machine here