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Toyota is a familiar name all over the world. This Japanese company takes muchcredit for the people's luxury transport while caring the safety of the driverand the passengers. Originally Toyota started for to make automobile for theJapanese market.

While the company was going out from the original company itdid produced its first passenger car in the year 1936. Now Toyota is one ofthe bigger companies in the world owning many companies including Lexus,Daihatsu and Hino Motors.

The original Toyota Motor Company was registered with the Japanese authoritiesas a automobile producer. And they went in to full swing to make smaller carswith fuel efficiency at affordable price.

This made them to become popular with their cars in the USA when people werelooking for smaller cars with less fuel consumption in the 70's.

The improved sales and high tariff's in the USA made the Japanese automakerToyota to make its own production line in the USA around the 80's.

Also they had entered in many kinds of motor production including formula-1racing cars, trucks luxury cars, SUVs, crossovers, Pickup trucks, Hybrids andElectric vehicles and many more. Toyota Racing Development - TRD - is anotherpart of Toyota which also involved in NASCAR motorsports and many otherprojects.

The best model that came from Toyota is their Corolla model and year afteryear with improved latest technology, the Corolla is going very popular allover the world.

Currently they are popular with their hybrid Prius, RAV4 electric version,Land Cruiser Prado and FJ Cruiser.

2018 Toyota C-HR.

2018-Toyota-C-HR2018 Toyota C-HR another best from Toyota hit the market as a subcompact SUV crossover vehicle with lot of technology aspects is a sure success for this world renowned company. Toyota launched the C-HR in May at the MTV Movie & TV Awards after party,[Read]( about its features.

Toyota Corolla 2014

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