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Volvo is a great name in the automobile industry. It consists of Volvo, MackRenault Trucks, Nissan Diesel, and Prevost Car to the company. Volvo isoriginally started as a Swedish company in the year 1927 at the Gothenburg city.The company heavily involved in the transport on the road section. They areinvolved in Aero and marine engineering sectors too. Their first car was planedto withstand the Swedish tough strained tracks and the cold weather. There afterVolvo's involvement in the Swedish transport industry was a great success withits cars and trucks and became very popular all over the world.

The Ford acquired the Volvo car division in the year 1999. There after the Volvoname is used by both Ford and the Volvo AB.

Volvo cars are very popular for their strong and safety features. Their main aimis have best protection for the driver and passengers of their cars whiledriving on the streets. Each year they introduced a new safety features to theirnew cars. Most of their cars came out as small or large models.Official Web Site of the Volvo

New Volvo XC60 R-Design.